A non-needle method of acupuncture.

Microcurrent acupuncture is an extremely effective therapy that may be used instead of needles to promote healing. Alleviation of pain, inflammation, spasm, restricted range of motion, and tissue damage can be treated at the cellular level. Modern microcurrent therapy offers a non-needle method for patients to experience the benefits of acupuncture. Needle acupuncture is the original microcurrent therapy. Traditional Chinese acupuncture needles are twirled or rapidly moved up and down while in place.

Research revealed traditional acupuncture needles generate measurable electrical charges when twirled by the doctor’s fingers, and needles left in tend to drain excess electrical energy from tense or inflamed tissue. Some of the most enthusiastic advocates of microcurrent therapy, professional athletes and their trainers have maintained that such treatment has significantly shortened time on injury lists.

Extremely low frequencies (0.3 – 10 Hz) and intensities (25-150 microamperes) are applied to selected acupuncture points with hand held probes or pads. This very low frequency range is resonant with normal electrical activity of the human body. Little or no electric current is felt. Microcurrent acupuncture utilizes currents that are several hundred to a thousand times lower than conventional electric stimulation.

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